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This competition is based upon the Daily Telegraph's Fantasy Football game.




The tables are all updated after week forty games - the final week.  ALL WINNERS ARE HERE PLEASE CONTACT ME TO ARRANGE PAYMENT OF WINNINGS!!!


Just wanted to say I've enjoyed running the competition for the last five (yes it really has been FIVE) years but am looking forward to not running it from now on!  Thank you one and all for your support - most of you are people I don't know and have never met before!!  Just wanted to say a few special mentions


Andy Walker & Neil Beeson - the two guys that got me into this and have been staunch supporters from the beginning, collecting money on my behalf, doing the draws and most of all having several teams each year........which brings me onto


Richard Barlow, Simon Cooper, Carl Holland, Pat Mosely, Jonathan Elton, Mark Wood, Andrew Stevenson, The Martin Family, The King Family, Paul & Helen Holmes, The Pitchford family - you guys have been here since year one and have had more than one team EVERY year! I've never met any of you but feel like I know you all!!!! THANK YOU.


David Potter - Obviously should have been included above but as well as the multiple teams passed on his knowledge, IT skills, spreadsheets, databases, website designs and without whom I wouldn't have run the comp!!  MASSIVE THANKS!


David Watson, Lisa Dudley, Sam Lammie, Gordon Sandars - the Erewash lot who have supported the competition for the last three years with multiple teams each.


Kevin Sandars & Paul Goodwin - These two guys have had teams but more importantly have brought their company with them - Paul brought nearly 15 teams this year and last year, Kev the same.


There's lots more of you that have been staunch supporters Andy Haslam, Sarah Dawson, Jon Clarke, Esther Clarke, John Boadle, Carl Buxton - Thanks!


Thank you and sooooo long!!!


Any queries contact me using the link at the bottom of any of the pages.

TEAM OF THE WEEK - Fiona Mosley - Flashing Blades - 73 Points this week - Well Done!!


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